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Window tinting & protective security film

Let Epic Window Tinting protect your Mackay car, home and business from the sun's glare. Experts in window tinting, safety and security films, we deliver a range of customised service.
Our tints, safety and security films have passed multiple testing procedures and are fully backed by a manufacturer's warranties. Technicians expertly apply thin, multi-layered pieces of optically clear film to the inside surface of glass, guaranteeing excellent solar protection and added security.
Specialising in SunTek, Solar Gard and 3M, we can tint windows in a variety of shades for:
  • Homes
  • Boats
  • Apartments,
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Automobiles
  • Trucks
  • Farming machinery
  • Mining machinery
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Sunlight can be very damaging to your vehicle. Speak to us about our cost-effective tints that block heat, glare and 99% of dangerous UV rays from entering your automobile.
Don't wait for your dashboard to crack from the heat. Interiors and leather seats quickly age when exposed to the sun. Protect your trims, upholstery, carpets and fittings so your car maintains its value.
Our tinting will cool the interior of your vehicle and improve your driving experience, minimising the extra load on air conditioning.
Our reputation as a supplier of superior car window tinting is unrivalled in the area. Choose from a broad range of shades to give your car a custom look. We provide a lifetime guarantee.
Our SunTek tints are available in carbon and high performance and offers the ultimate in protection from the harsh Northern Queensland sun.
The carbon series reduces night time road glare, won't fade and is available in many shades and will not fade. With no metal layers, this tint won't interfere with mobile phones, radio or navigational system signals.
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Residential & Commercial
High temperatures can damage computers and other electronics keeping your business running. Prevent light and heat from having a negative impact on production and operating costs.
Tinting keeps cool air inside longer, which means less energy is required to keep your business working at an optimum level.
Running air conditioning can send your household energy consumption sky rocketing, too. Call us for advice on ways window tinting can reduce your electricity bills.
Sunlight fades carpets, wooden floors and furnishings. You can save money on repairs and maintenance with our extensive range of films and tints which block damaging UV rays from coming through windows.
We also offer decorative film that can enhance the look of any property. Glass panes are become a blank canvas for beautiful walls of colour and texture, allowing for different levels of privacy and light flow.
Epic Window Tinting's residential and commercial window tinting can:
  • Minimise heat & glare
  • Block dangerous UV rays
  • Create privacy
  • Reduce energy bills
Glass is one of the most vulnerable points in your home or business premises. Our protective safety film is manufactured using tough metals like titanium, stainless steel and copper to make it harder for burglars to break in.
Avoid injury from breaking glass with our safety film. Designed to keep shattered glass in place, it is the ideal way to ensure maximum protection in the event of a storm or accidental breakable.
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Security Window Film
Don't risk a burglary. Get the experienced Epic Window Tinting team to install security film to glass windows and doors in your home or business.
Our film bonds tightly to the glass and, in the event of breakage, holds the shattered pieces together.
Protective films come in a wide range of colours. The material contains a metallic layer of polyester which strengthens the glass once applied.
Security or safety film is tinted to provide additional protection against the sun's heat, glare and UV rays. The film is non-reflective and undetectable on glass.
Window film is suitable for:
  • Home
  • Commercial business
  • Food processing plants
  • Schools
  • Aged care facilities
  • Family day care centres
  • Storm & high wind areas
  • Pool balustrading
  • Balcony balustrading
Certified application of security film protects residents, employees and customers if glass is ever broken. It can also deter burglars.
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